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Working with data made easy

Information Management

Create or edit data with easy to use forms on any device. Ensure your data is consistent and accurate. Save time and have your customers create or edit data for you.

Quickly search, sort, or filter data from any device. Create ways to easily understand what data you have, so you make data-driven decisions.

Reporting & Analytics

Automatically and accurately create Excel, Word, PDF or any report from your data. Visualize data with interactive graphs or charts to help discover meaningful patterns.

Content Management

Easily manage photos, videos, or any type of data in one central place on any device. Content management solutions (CMS) are great for centralizing your data work-flow and exposing that data through other outlets. A CMS could allow a user to upload a photo with a description and share that content on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website automatically without visiting those platforms.

Communicate with customers

Text Messaging

Send texts, pictures, or videos from an app to your customers phones or have them send media to you. Save time by scheduling texts to be sent out automatically and to interact with your customers at the right time.


An app can send attachments, calendar invites, or anything you normally send from your own inbox automatically. Let your customers know when new products or promotions are available, update them on the status of an order, or send them friendly reminders.


Voice is a great way to be accessible to all your customers. It isn't limited to those with a smart phone, internet, or the latest gadget. Customers can interact with your app through phone calls by using a keypad or their own voice.

Choosing the right platform


Running an app in the cloud gives it the same speed, reliability, reach, and technology used by tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.


Building apps for the web means nothing to install, accessible on any internet connected device with a browser, and always up-to-date. Recent developments in the web make it easy to use GPS, cameras and more with your web app.

Mobile Devices

Tablets, phones, watches, and more all offer a way for customers to use your app without limitations. They are easy to find and install through an App Store and often offer more capabilities than a web app.

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